1. View from the inside - working on my PLN at a cafe #PLN #albanyICT (at Three Anchors)

  2. These laminated versions make differentiation easy. You can use blue tac, counters or write numbers with white board markers for the more capable.

  3. Magic Square Turtle allows for conversations about grids, rows, columns and the partitioning of numbers - in an engaging and interactive way.

  4. Maths in my class room involves this guy. Hand beaded and sewn and used as a prop in a student acted performance of an ancient Chinese story and as a game/ learning resource to aid in understanding the partitioning of numbers through magic squares.

  5. Church Morawa.

  6. Morawa house.

  7. Morawa streets.

  8. The smallest rectory in WA.

  9. Shed, Morawa WA

  10. Learning adventures Morawa, WA